Inksane Art Academy specialised in classical realism fine art, like in 19th century.


We provide 3 services:


1/ Painting courses.

Either portrait or still life, but always painting(/drawing) from life.

Even if you are not a realism oil painter, this course can be very interesting to you. Our students exists out of tattooers, comic drawers, digital painters, game designers, charcoal and pencil artists, caricature artist, airbrushers, painters, ..
Amongst other things, we teach you how to see details you never noticed before, render form, understand light and shadow, pay attention to composition, stretch your patience, ..

Our next painting course will take place from 15 - 26 June 2020 (every night from 18h until 21h)! There's no free spots left for this course!

For any questions or subscription: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2/ Our high level european artists can paint your commission portrait.

It means you make an order with our artist  to have your portrait painted by him/her. Therefore you have to sit still as a model for several sessions, depending on the requested size.
Just like they did in the super rich families in 19th century, to decorate the castle wall.
These are real, unique paintings! No copies, no prints, no numbered clichés!



3/ We also sell paintings.

Made by our masters. Again, no copies, no prints, no clichés, only real one of a kind oil paintings.
Sizes and prices vary. Some examples: