Figurative Realism

Get into the head of our old masters and discover how light and shadow are working together, what the composition has to do with it and how you get to see more details every time you look at a painting. Inksane Art Academy offers you a serie of lessons where you learn to paint in the classical style of the 19th century. 

Old masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn and Jules Bastien-Lepage are laying on the foundation of learning the specific rules of painting like a real old master. We don't focus on expression and feelings but we go looking for the rules of the exact science of painting. We leave modern art and we focus on the figurative realism. 

Classical Realism

Do you already know how to paint? Perfect! Don't you know how to start? Also perfect! We start with the basic rules and everyday, the rules get harder and harder. The lessons are short but intens because we chose to give them in two weeks instead of a whole year. Because of this, a hobby becomes a serious lesson. 

The first thing you probably want to know, is who will be the teacher of these lessons. We only select the best and most experienced artists to help us. We do this because we search for the highest quality in Europe. Because of that, the most artists aren't from Belgium. We selected Tayler Scarlett Powell to give these lessons. If you want to know some more about this artist, please click on her name!