Learn Painting

Who can learn painting?

Naturally, anyone can learn how to paint: it’s a skill you can develop by practicing frequently. Of course it does help if you’ve got a splash of creativity in you. For many professions, knowing how to paint is important. Just think of tattoo artists that tattoo portraits, game designers that design backgrounds, or airbrushers and graffiti-artists that want to spread their art.

Oil paint

A material many painters use, is oil paint. This is paint that dries slower and requires working in different layers. This means you can edit the content for days on end, but you have to be careful not to let edits disappear by wanting to work too fast. Oil paints are mostly used when painting still life, landscapes, portraits and abstract art. But how can I learn to paint, you ask?

Learning classic painting techniques

Old masters like Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Le Page, … had a specific method to create their masterpieces. These classical painting techniques are useful for every type of artist, because they also dive into the usage of natural light, creating shadows and focusing on a good composition. It’s also important to translate what you see in real life as accurately as possible to the canvas. This can only happen when you know your materials well and work hard.

Inksane Art Academy

To have the intense focus needed to paint like this, it’s recommended to work consistently for a few hours every day on your painting. That way, you don’t leave ‘the zone’ and you keep the same mindset while working. This concentration is extremely necessary to better your usage of these painting techniques.

Learning how to paint is definitely an option for everyone, but it’s not as easy as it looks when you want to follow the rules of certain masters!