Art Academy

Which art class is best for you? What makes an art academy the best for you depends on your personal way of learning and your motivation. Many painting courses take place every week in a pre-determined time slot, for a year or more. We at Inksane Art Academy believe it’s better to be fully immersed and give an intense 2 week course with a class every day.

What are the pro’s of this?

By starting with the basics and learning and applying new rules every day, you’ll learn the techniques quickly and efficiently. Especially applying these techniques is important; after all, it’s impossible to know how to sing just by reading the notes, but it is handy to know what to read. This will also help you remember the rules easily.

What are these classes based on?

The courses at Inksane Art Academy are based on the techniques of old masters like Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Le Page. These are a good foundation for learning the rules of this specific art movement. Many painting courses focus on feelings and expressions, but this way of painting focuses more on figurative realism and not modern art.

This painting course is perfect for people who want to learn how to paint like they did in the Renaissance and Baroque, and who don’t have the free time to visit a course every day for an entire year.